ABA NSW Moves to Glenhaven

  • The NSW Branch Office’s recent amalgamation with ACT and move to Glehnaven.

PDF Version: Media Release for new ABA Office and home of the OBC at Glenhaven

08 February 2016

Hills supports new mothers as HQ of
breastfeeding information moves to Glenhaven

Glenhaven has welcomed the Australian Breastfeeding Association ACT/NSW headquarters into the Hills community, giving local mothers even better access to the ABA’s great services.

 The Australian Breastfeeding Association has recently moved its ACT/NSW Office to Glenhaven Community Centre, giving locals and first-time mothers greater access to the ABA’s knowledge, support and reassurance.

The new office is the hub of ABA activities in NSW and the recently amalgamated ACT, but for locals it still offers access to plenty of social activities and useable information.

In addition to being the administrative hub of the Association in the State, the ACT/NSW office also conducts local group meetings (‘mum-to-mum’ groups) in the Glenhaven and greater Hills area.

‘Here mums can share their experiences with other mums and also receive information and suggestions to make informed choices about breastfeeding, such as how they might combine breastfeeding with their lifestyles, whether they work at home or in the office,’ says ACT/NSW President Nicole Bridges.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is Australia’s largest breastfeeding information and support service. Through a range of programs, the Association supports and encourages women and families who want to breastfeed or provide breastmilk for their babies. The ABA also advocates to raise community awareness of the importance of breastfeeding and human milk to child and maternal health.

The office also offers breast pump hire through local Hills groups, as well as conducting Breastfeeding Education Classes (BECs) at the centre. Common topics discussed at group include nipple pain, milk supply, milk storage and weaning.

The office also has a great supply of resources including breastfeeding information booklets on various topics and non-English speaking resources in eight different languages.

‘Many of our local volunteers also work hard not just in the community, but around Australia as they take shifts on the National Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 686 268, which is also coordinated in large part from the ACT/NSW Office. The Helpline is open 24 hours and provides help to anyone who needs it, anytime they need it,’ says Ms Bridges.

Some of ACT/NSW’s biggest volunteer training weekends are conducted at Glenhaven where the ABA trains its volunteers as Cert IV qualified breastfeeding counsellors and community educators. The ACT/NSW Office also serves as the administrative home to the State’s dozens of other training workshops.

The office also runs the ABA’s latest project, the Online Breastfeeding Café (OBC). The café is a simplified, social-media friendly version of the ABA’s successful and informative regular website and offers easy-to-access breastfeeding information, feature stories and an interactive ‘find your local breastfeeding-friendly café’ function. Visit to see more at: www.onlinebreastfeedingcafe.com.au

Office hours are Mon-Fri 9-3pm for resource access. Please contact office for details of BECS classes and local group meeting times by phoning: 02 9634 3915 or email actnswoffice@breastfeeding.asn.au. You can also find your local class by visiting our website and entering your postcode at this page:


For high definition images and more information: http://onlinebreastfeedingcafe.com.au/aba-nsw-moves-to-glenhaven/
OR for media enquiries contact Maddy Knight 0420 580 323 or ACT/NSW President Nicole Bridges 0413 726 513

Photos (Click for larger).Clockwise from right: Former Branch President NSW Louise Duursma welcomes 2016 incoming ACT/NSW President Nicole Bridges; Office staff Amanda Bombardiere and Eugenie Houghton at the ABA’s new Glenhaven office; The ACT/NSW Office has a great supply of resources including breastfeeding booklets and non-English speaking resources.

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