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Wfind a parenting support grouphen you want to talk with someone face-to-face there are some great options available.
You can join a mum-to-mum support group or participate in a breastfeeding education class or scroll down to see which of these many options suit you and your lifestyle.



Mum 2 Mum Groups

Over 230 local groups operate throughout Australia and offer mothers information, problem-solving support, and a meeting program as part of the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s services. Mum 2 Mum Groups and other programs are established by the local members and reflect the needs of the local community they serve. Topics discussed might cover such things as basic breastfeeding tips, expressing and storing breastmilk, supply issues, breastfeeding in special circumstances, weaning, introducing solids, night-time parenting and much much more. All meetings have at least one trained breastfeeding counsellor present to answer questions and/or discuss any problems you may be having. Pregnant, breastfeeding or bottlefeeding mothers are all welcome to attend meetings, as are fathers, friends and grandparents.

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I have an 18-month-old son named Michael. We’ve been coming to group meetings since Michael was four months old. I was so pleased to find a group of women and children where I felt comfortable enough to open up and share my experiences. I have learnt so much from the women in this group. I also enjoy being able to take Michael to other people’s child-friendly houses. He usually enjoys being with the other children so much that I get a good break from him! I enjoy meetings so much that I’ve chosen to train as a counsellor and get involved on a deeper level. I feel that the support new mothers can offer each other, simply by getting together, sharing ideas and being honest about the joys and challenges of parenting and breastfeeding is amazing! Cheryl.

Breastfeeding Centres

If you live in Victoria (Dandenong) you can drop into its breastfeeding centre featuring dedicated drop in days.

Wednesdays are Drop In Days at the Breastfeeding Centre where you can visit any time that suits you between 10am and 2pm – come for an hour or come for the day! Babies and children very welcome.  We also offer hire of breast pumps and Breastfeeding Education Classes. The centre is run by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

For more information visit the Centre’s website:
The Breastfeeding Centre (VIC)

Post Natal Depression : PANDA

PANDA Post Ante Natal Depression Association offers support to women, men and their families who are suffering from perinatal, postnatal and antenatal depression. Services include a Helpline, fact sheets on their website and specialist training and education programs.

Find out more or download a PANDA fact sheet:

Playgroups :Playgroup Australia

Playgroup Australia has a playgroup in your area. Playgroup is an informal session where mums, dads, grandparents, caregivers, children and babies meet together in a relaxed environment. Playgroups are set up and run by parents and caregivers, with children choosing from a range of activities that meet their varying needs.

To find a playgroup in your area or to learn more visit their website:



Breastfeeding and early parenting education

The Australian Breastfeeding Association offers various classes inABAlogotext-2011 breastfeeding & parenting education. If you are pregnant, an ABA antenatal class is the way to fully prepare you for breastfeeding. You and your partner or support person are most welcome. The courses are designed for expectant parents to prepare for the vital days, weeks and months after your baby’s birth. The classes are conducted by qualified ABA breastfeeding counsellors and community educators. There is a fee for the classes.

Each state has a breastfeeding class roster. To find out times, dates and prices in your area, follow this link to find out about fees and locations:
Breastfeeding Class Roster
Breastfeeding Classes FAQs

For Mums

A Baby Friendly facility is one where consistent careBFHI and support is provided for mothers to make an informed decision about breastfeeding. It truly is a global initiative, with around 15,000 accredited facilities in over 150 countries.

Implementing the Baby Friendly best practice standards is a proven way of increasing exclusive breastfeeding and improving infant health.

Note: If you plan to birth your baby in a hospital, then choosing a Baby Friendly accredited hospital means that you have a better chance of establishing breastfeeding successfully and going on to exclusively breastfeed your baby for a longer period of time.

To find out more about Baby Friendly hospitals visit:
Is your hospital baby-friendly?

For Dads

Beer + Bubs offers childbirth education for beerbubsmen in the relaxed environment of the local pub. It is a one–night session at the pub where expectant dads learn how to support their partner through the birth of their baby. Childbirth is daunting for men too and this session prepares fathers for an active, caring role.

The program helps men gain the practical knowledge they need to be involved in the births of their children in a positive way and to get the fatherhood adventure started with a memorable and empowering experience. And most men would rather head to the pub anyway.

Beer + Bubs is perfect for first time fathers who don’t know what they’re in for as well as those going back for a second or third round who weren’t well prepared the first time. It’s ideal for expectant dads who have done antenatal classes, but have come out the other end with little practical understanding of their role at the birth.

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