It seemed like a good idea at the time… Nipple Piercing

nipple piercingIt seemed like a good idea at the time… but will nipple piercing affect my breastfeeding?

While there has been limited research into how nipple piercing may affect breastfeeding, it may lead to a reduced milk supply. Anecdotally, lactation consultants have observed breastfeeding problems in mothers who keep their nipple jewellery on while breastfeeding.

These problems include poor attachment, baby frequently coming on and off the breast, slurping, gagging and milk leaking from the baby’s mouth. Once the nipple jewellery is removed, these problems were observed to stop.

But there are also plenty of reports by breastfeeding mothers who have had nipple piercing(s) done and who encounter no problems at all with breastfeeding.

Choking is a potential hazard for the baby whose mother keeps her nipple jewellery on for breastfeeding. This is because, as the baby sucks, the jewellery could become loose and lodge in the baby’s throat. The baby’s gums, tongue and/or palate may potentially be injured by the jewellery.

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