Increasing my breastmilk supply

  • April 18, 2014
Increasing my breastmilk supply
I don’t think I’m making enough breastmilk. What do I do about increasing my breastmilk supply?

If you think your milk supply is coming up short, there are ways you can tell if your baby is getting enough milk even though you can’t tell how much is going in. If your baby is feeding often, has plenty of pale, wet nappies (at least 5 single use/disposable and at least 6 cloth nappies in 24 hours), is only having breastmilk, is gaining weight and seems reasonably alert, active and happy, then relax… Everything your baby needs to grow strong and healthy is in your milk.

It is the normal food for your baby and you and your baby will work together to establish your milk supply and maintain it as your baby grows. Of course, there might be other reasons why baby is fussy or crying and you might want to check with your medical adviser if you have any concerns. Here are some ideas to help you work out if your supply really is low and some suggestions that will help you make more milk for your baby. One of the most common reasons a mother weans her baby before she might want to, is that she is worried that she doesn’t have enough milk. Nearly all mothers are able to make enough breastmilk for their babies. Just as you have already nurtured your baby in your womb for nine months, so your body is made to continue to nourish your baby after he is born.

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